April 16, 2017

Grace Missionary Baptist Church

A Growing Place




Prayer Names:

Chuck and Susie Ryan, Roger and Nellie Cultice, Ellen Schultz, Thelma Farmer, Effie Pressnell, Leola Justice, Ann Shipley, Roger Smith, Candy Knapp, Dave and Betty, Wagner, Celeste Whitehead, Nancy Snyder, Bryon Hollenbeck's mother, The six that were baptized last Sunday, Phillip Marshall and family,

From The Pastor’s Desk

----What Will You Do, Now That You Know?----

After Jesus died, they took his body down and put him in the tomb, and a giant millstone was set in front of the cave. The religious leader -- worried that Jesus' body might be stolen -- asked for Roman guards to be posted in front of the tomb. They didn't want him coming out! But of course, He did. You know the story. But it's important to remember that Easter is not some memorial to a nice, good religious teacher who lived 2,000 years ago. It's a celebration of the fact that He is alive today. I'm living proof -- and so are the billions of Christians who will celebrate Easter this weekend. Easter is the Good News about God's Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, who came as a human baby, born into King David's royal family line. Four historical records say he showed himself to 500 people at one gathering. Can you imagine witnessing his death and then seeing him walking around Jerusalem three days later? What an amazing thing! When Jesus was hanging on the cross, the skeptics and critics mocked him and in effect said, "If you're the Son of God, why don't you just pull yourself down from that cross? Why don't you just come down and show, that you're really God?" Jesus had something more spectacular planned. He essentially said, I'm going to let you bury me for three days, then i'll come back to life to prove that I am what I am. What does this mean to us today? In one sense, Jesus Christ is still on trial. He's on trial in the heart and mind of every person who has not yet acknowledged him as the Son of God, the Savior of the world. What's your verdict? You see, Easter really boils down to only two issues. One, is Jesus who he says he is? Is he God? Or is he a lunatic or a liar? And two, if he is who he says he is when are you going to start following what he says to do with your life?


• Happy Easter, the day we celebrate the Empty Tomb and The Resurrected Savior! Hope is Alive!!

• No service this evening, enjoy time with your family.

• The Golden Girls will meet for lunch April 19, 2017 at 11:00 am at O'Charlies. Any questions please see Sis Edie Daves.

• Vacation Bible School is fast approaching, please be in prayer about how you can serve and see the bulletin board to get signed up.

• Teen's Group Tuesday evening at 7:00 pm.

• Men's Bible study Tuesdays at 7:00 pm.

• Our Wednesday evening Bible study in in the small books of the Bible, Come join us!

• Women's Bible Study, here at Grace. Have felt that your life was interrupted by God's plan? Or felt the fear of doing what God has called you to do? Well, come out and join us as we learn from the life of a man who knows what that's ll about!! We are studying the book of Jonah. It's not too late to join us! Bring a friend and come out for a great time in God's word. Let's grow together, ladies!! See you Thursday at 6:00 pm.

• Garage Sale: WMU will be having a garage sale Saturday, June 3rd. All proceeds will go towards the building fund. We need donations!! Questions please see Sister Deb.

• Used Book/CD Sale: Clean out your closets and shelves of all those books and CD's that you have enjoyed and share them with others. The sale will run the month of May. All items will be sold for a donation. All proceeds will go the building fund. Start bringing in you books/Cd's the month of April. Any questions see Sister Deb.

• Our Prayer Group meets here on Thursday morning from 9:30 am to 10:30 am Come join us in prayer. Please enter quietly through the sanctuary doors. If you are interested in being a part of a prayer circle at this time please see Sister Deb.