March 10, 2019


1301 Beacon Street Springfield, Ohio

(937) 325-5900


Do not be conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may discern what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God.

Romans 12:2 (CSB)


We Believe

We believe a church grows Warmer through fellowship, Deeper through discipleship, Stronger through worship, Broader through ministry, Larger through evangelism.

A warm welcome to our visitors today!

We trust your visit to GRACE will be a happy one and that you will visit us again soon. If you do not have a church home we ask that you prayerfully consider GRACE, a family orientated church, where EVERYBODY IS SOMEBODY!

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Our Team

Pastor: Rev. Orbie Estep Jr. 937-605-4344

Deacon: Larry Hayden 937-408-3635

Deacon: Leonard Brown 937-561-1234

Deacon: Glen Massie 937-631-4679

Deacon: Ron DePreist 937-323-2027

Deacon: Pete Brown 937-265-5209

Announcements: Melissa Marshal

Prayer request: Sister Deb Brown 937-215-0400 or 937-308-4796

Pastor’s Desk

We are here with our first service in our new building! What a journey, and what a year!

This didn’t just happen. First there was a desire for a more adequate building to meet our growing needs. Then we began to have a vision of what we needed and a lot of prayers were lifted high. Seven years ago after coming back from a missions trip to the mountains of Guatemala I said it was time to do something about the vision of a new church as I felt God spoke to me while we were there. Our vision became a Goal and after many drawings and a lot of prayer we had a set of blueprints. Thanks to your contributions, efforts of Larry Taylor and the men of KAPP Construction, all of the sub contractors and God’s guidance our Vision, the Goal, became a Reality that we are living today! Also thanks to our building committee and all of you who contributed as well. Remember we have built a building, our temporary home and unless we follow the Holy Spirit that is all it will be, a building. If we humble ourselves, pray and be obedient God will bless our church and souls will be saved. Yes we are excited about our new building, but let’s be even more excited about what God is going to do in this place!

~ Pastor Estep



Edie Daves, Thelma Farmer, Susie Ryan, Lowell Sherman, Cheryl Moone, Nancy Snyder, Sandy Huffman, Mike Bowman Leonard Brown, Jim Cain.