January 5, 2020

Prayer Names

Rickie and Darrell Littler, Jenny Chaney, Steve Baugh, Daisy Edwards, Pastor’s wife Bobie, Richard DeHart, Junior Bartley, The Lost all those home sick.  Praise Daisy Edwards.

Pastor’s Desk

Are we an evangelistic church?  Do people come to Christ from what we do?  What is evangelism?  Evangelism is the preaching or the teaching of the gospel with the intention of exposign God’s love to all mankind through Jesus Christ.

Are we all a voice for people who are away from God?  Is Grace Missionary Baptist Church a place where someone would feel comfortable coming in to meet Jesus?  Are we expecting our church to just drift into evangelism?  Are we maximizing what we have?  Are we connecting with men?  Are we connecting with women?  Are we connecting with young people?  Are we connecting with people who are not like us?  Are there people who feel like they can worship with us without us judging them?  Are we sharing our conversion stories?  Do you have someone you need to invite not just to church but to talk and meet with you about what Jesus has done for you?  We all have someone in our lives we need to be reaching out to.  We should all have our “ONES” that we want to see find Jesus.  I want to encourage each one of us here at Grace to challenge yourself to connect with one person who doesn’t go to church, or one person who you know once went to church.  Pray and commit to reaching out to whoever that may be.  Make it more than lip service.  Just like in the parable of the talents,  one day God is going to ask, “What have you done?”.  If we would all make this commitment today, and don’t quit until we see our “one” in church by the end of 2020 our church would be filled!  Who will say, “I will accept this challenge?”.