January 19, 2020

Prayer Names

Daryl and Ricky littler,  Jenny Chaney,  Darien shrine,  Dorothy plants family,  Daisy Edwards,  Tim Wiley,  Gertrude Burton,  pastor's wife Bobby, Effie presnell,  Ruth murnahan,  candy nap,  our church and our country,  the Lost and those out sick with the virus.

Pastor's Desk

Who Is Your One?
 We are starting a new year and I am asking that everyone here commit to our “who is your one” campaign for 20/20. I would like each one of us from the elderly to the children pray about it and ask one person who you will commit to Greek get your one to come to Grace. This can be someone who needs Christ as the Savior, or it can be someone who knows Jesus but for one reason or another is not in church. Let the pastor know who you're one is and there will be a team praying for these names every morning. Imagine if every member of Grace could answer the question who is your one?  With the name of a person for whom you are sharing the gospel with and inviting them to come worship with us here at Grace. Now imagine that one person that you have asked to come to church with you come down the aisle and accept Jesus as their savior, or that one person come and rededicate their life to Jesus Christ. Think of how that would change their life, think about how that would change your life. Think about how full our Church would be, all because you committed to our Who's Your One.


Kenwood Cove Drive
On going through January thank you to everyone who donated.
To date we have collected fifty coats and a variety of hats and gloves for Kenwood children. We will continue to collect through January. If your children receive new coats during the holidays perhaps you will consider donating their old ones.

Blessing bags
Return all bags next Sunday January 26th
We have been collecting and assembling blessing bags. Please bring all bags and next Sunday January 26th so they can be prayed over and we can begin distribution.

Ladies Bible study
Thursday evenings
This Thursday at 6:30 p.m. please park on Rutland Avenue side study will be in the large community room we will  meet every other Thursday.

Sweethearts Banquet
February 15th 2020 at 5:00 PM
Come out and join in the fun and Great Fellowship. All are invited over the age of 18. Invite a friend to join us. Sign-up sheet will be on the information table in the hallway

Koinonia Subs Sale
If anyone is interested see Amanda Phillips for further information.