February 9, 2020

Pastor's Desk

If We Are The Body
If the church is going to develop the kind of beauty that God says is possible, that which will attract others to Christ, we must commit to becoming the kind of church Christ calls us to be a church that is a biblical fellowship.

In his book, Rediscovering Church, Bill Hybels tells of a message by Dr. Gilvert Bilezikian, who said, “The only kind of fellowship many know in church is after a service when men stand around and ask each other superficial questions.  Then they find their wives who are having similar conversations, and go home.

But biblical fellowship has the power to revolutionize lives.  Masks come off, conversations get deep, hearts get vulnerable, lives are shared,  Accountability is invited, and tenderness flows.  People really do become like brothers and sisters.  They shoulder each other’s burdens - and unfortunately, that was something that few of the people today experience growing up in church in America.”

Pray This Week:
Remind me Lord that your house, and this church body are a gift given as shelter from the storms of everyday life.  A safe harbor.  Help us Lord to not take that gift, nor one another, for granted.  Father, foster a passion within us to draw near to you and, as we do, experience the kind of biblical fellowship at Grace that will also draw others.