March 22, 2020


Our Government, World response to the COVID-19 virus. Those who have lost their jobs. All the unsaved who are sick and may not have the opportunity to repent and be saved. The Faithful for courage to witness during this time. All of the scientists, front line workers and first responders. Becky-loss of her sister-n-law, Terry Knapp, Amy and her coworker, Scoby Family, Theresa Halls friend's unspoken, Darrell's brother Dave, Edie Daves, Thelma Farmer, Amy's sister Debbie came thru her heart surgery and is still in need of prayer, Melissa Sander's coworker Tim Black, Kirby's friend Amy, Karen's daughter Laura.

ONE CALL PRAYER REQUESTS - Please send One Call prayer requests to Sister Deb, or Sister Amy

Pastor's Desk

What are some practical things we can do in the face of the current pandemic?
Doctors and governmental authorities are providing some guidance:
  1. We should be more diligent than usual about washing our hands, wiping them off with sanitizers, and avoid touching our face after touching public facilities.
  2. We should minimize exposure to large crowds when practical. We may have to cut back on our entertainment activities. We may have to limit unnecessary travel. We carry on our lives, but we simply use common sense.
  3. The medical profession is recommending we keep about 3 foot away from others in public when possible.
  4. We may eat at home more instead of going out to restaurants so much.
  5. If we get flu-like symptoms we may consult our doctor quicker than we normally would.
  6. We may store a few more supplies in case there are shortages as a result of all this. These are a few practical suggestions we can and should follow.
Two extremes should be avoided. One is the presumption that because we’re a King’s Kid that we would not have to deal with any of this. Belonging to God does not exempt us from the human experience. God will take care of us as we trust and obey Him. But we are still in mortal bodies. We are looking forward to being clothed with a glorified body. In the meantime, we do some groaning along with the rest of creation (Rom.8:23). The other extreme is panic. God has not given us the spirit of fear (2 Tim. 1:7).

This the time to demonstrate our faith, not our fear. Orbie Estep

Rebuke the spirit of fear.
No doubt we are living in troubling times. As a child of God, this should not come as a surprise.God’s word tells us that we will go through hardship. However, God’s Word also tells us that we should know where our help comes from (Psalm 121). We are assured that He holds us and helps us (Isaiah 41:13) We have hope and we know, that we know, that we know, He is our provider, comforter, healer, Savior. God is clear that He did not give believers a spirit of fear. (2 Tim 1:7)

Now think about those who do not have that hope at this time, when the spirit of fear is running rampant across the globe. Don’t get me wrong, fear is a healthy survival skill that God instilled in each of us. If someone jumps out at you unexpectedly you will instinctively react in a moment of fear by jumping….or screaming. However, the spirit of fear is a wholly different thing. The spirit of fear is oppressive, all consuming, saturating our minds with negativity and diverting the power of our faith. The spirit of fear transfers the focus from our Provision and wraps our minds in an endless loop around our problems.

I encourage each of you, especially during this time, to reach out to those in your lives who are not believers. Pick up the phone and call them, check in on them, tell them you love them, let them know how Christ eases your fears with this pandemic, ask them how you can pray for them or their family...and if they are open to it, ask them if you can pray for them right then and there.

God has a plan for each of us and a purpose through this time.